Saturday, March 30, 2013


        This is the other quilled card which I had mentioned in the previous post.... Since lighting was not that good, the photo dint come out really well :( And this card was made in 3 hours.... Happie that am getting improved :)

         And I took reference for making this from Chris Easter quilling.... Thank you Chris for sharing your wonderful works and ideas. :)

                                                  HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE 
                  May the risen Christ bring you happiness and joy and heal your pain..
         Thanks for stopping by... Have a wonderful Easter... :) 


Friday, March 29, 2013


        The story behind making this card is, In my office colleague's church two brothers who have come to serve the church is leaving this particular church which they are serving and moving to another church.. As a token of Thank you and appreciation of their work they had done there she along with her Youth mates wants to give them a card... She was not able to get a card or make one in Photoshop... While she discussed this with me I said I would do it.. and thus this card :) Yet to make one... Once done Il post the other one :)

        I was scared for doing this card for only one reason .. for those "praying hands" but thank God it came out quiet well ... The outer border was made using handmade papers.. That color is my personal fav in the whole bunch of handmade papers :) And I found this image in google and traced it on the card and upon the impression I did quilling... And as always I love the outcome..... :)

     I believe you too will like it ... Thanks for visiting by.. Do drop in ur comments about my work it would be helpful for me to improve :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


        I made this card for my friend whose birthday falls on 29th March... I always had love towards handmade paper so just gave it a try with simple quilled design...
        Hope you like it...Thnx for stopping by....

Sunday, March 24, 2013


                These are my Easter nails... Bunny with eggs.... I was earlier addicted to Nail art but because of quilling I couldn't wear or try new nail arts.... But now its time to put on since my sis has purchased me Nail art brushes kit and I couldnt resist to try it.... and my Nail arts will always be Inspired Robinmoses :)

                 Hope you like it.. Thanks for stopping by :)

Saturday, March 23, 2013


             The concept behind this demonstration is that the property which is on the right is Mark's property.. He wants to get Insurance to his huge property.. When he approaches company A they are fine with providing Insurance. But then since its a huge property they find it to be risk in providing insurance so they approaches another Company B to provide insurance along with them .. This business is Reinsurance.. If the company B finds risk again and if it approaches Company C then that business process is called Retrocession.

        There was a big clutter happening to create this since we couldn't come up with any idea.. And finally before the last date of creating this my Team mate Venky came up with this concept and provided me materials.. And then I started to design along with my other team mate Nitesh helping me to drape the walls with Red papers... This was not a huge demonstration though just a basic concept :) but was really was happie when everything was done since I dint have much interest to create this initially.

       Also I had used my previously done Quilled pots to decorate Mark's property :P

       Hope you like it :) Thanks for stopping by  :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


         These dolls were made for my office bay decoration and these were done in 3 hours... Its quite a quick one for me :P and these were inspired by Quilled creation wedding dolls

          Hope you like it. Thanks for stopping by ... Have a great day

Saturday, March 16, 2013


         My Sister Diana Rose celebrated her birthday on March 13th. She doesn't live near my place so thought I could do a card for her.. And this is the card :) But delayed to complete it though :P She is an excellent cook who loves to try lot of different cuisines and am waiting to taste it...

         Wish you lots of happiness and good health Dine from Mom,Dad and Anna :) Love you

         Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a great day :)

Sunday, March 3, 2013


                This is an order from my dearest friend .. I'm personally very happy about the outcome..But actually this was not the one which I planned :P Hope she likes it :)

                Just a quick update my friend loved this very much... And am very much excited to get orders for my quilling :)
                 Thanks for stopping by. have a great week ahead.