Tuesday, June 11, 2013


           This work is done for an order. Am planning to give it tomorrow. Today this work has been sent for framing. Once it is done I'll post the pic of it. And this work was inspired by a pic in pinterest. I guess that work was done by Vallerii. Sorry about the basket handle I tried hard but couldn't achieve it perfectly :)

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           Have a great day :)

Sunday, June 2, 2013


         This frame work is a gift to my  friend who is leaving our company for better opportunities so thought I could do it which would give some positive thoughts.. Since I dint have much time I planned to do few quilled flowers but at the same time it should be attractive... I gathered this quote from Rajni Chawla's quilled works.. For the letters I first wrote it using blue refill pen and upon that lined with light blue 3D glitter to give the sparkling effect.

          But when I started to write the sentence "Dream of being more" the handmade paper tore a bit .. Thank god for that .. That is how I came up with this punch flowers idea... In the centre of the flowers I have pasted stones.. Believe me the stones give more sparkle effect when compared with the photo.. My mother insisted to give the yellow flower which I denied initially but then adding yellow has given up more attractive effect....

         I personally love the usage of these punched flowers. What do you think.? Do drop your comment and suggestions :) And again my fingers are covered with plasters I cant escape from paper cuts :( :( :(

         Hope she likes this.. Wishing all the best for her future :)

         Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day

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