Thursday, September 17, 2015

Quilled Heart Card

               I received an order for a card with Heart design in the centre. So I came up with this arrangement.Hope you like this work of mine :)

Engagement Ring Platter with Quilling

          My best friend had her engagement ceremony yesterday so I thought I could make a ring platter for her and this was the end result. The materials required for making this platter are
Toilet roll cardboard tubes
Cake cardboard base
Silver/gold paper
Wooden Tea coasters
Rhinestones Stickers
Glue Gun

Cover the tea coasters with the silver paper

Cover the toilet roll tube too with silver paper
Quick tip: apply glue on the sheet and then roll the tube. This would be easy rather applying glue onto the tube

Place the tube and coaster onto the cardboard by using glue gun

The tutorial on lilac flowers can be found here

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Sunday, March 1, 2015


              I had always been amazed at Quilled ornaments available in FB pages I follow especially Art'zire & Daydreams. Even though I wanted to try it at some point of time I dint. It was because I dint have patience in making these ornaments. Thank goodness I have patience in making Quilled frames and Cards rather :)


              I used 3D outliner for decorating the jhumkha (an idea from Pritesh) and topped it with Gloss Varnish available in Anandha Stationery. This was just a basic try using swirls and I made 5 pairs. This would be a return gift these to my office colleagues since they were the one who asked me to try these. Hope they like it :)

                Sorry for the repeated jhumkha photos in different angles ;) I am a photo freak when it comes to jewellery and since I made these couldn't help it :P

                Hope you like my works. Thanks for stopping by :)

Monday, February 23, 2015


              I had been away so long from quilling and posting works here not because I dint want to, its because I had been away so always on weekends. Yes!!! now coming back to this work, I happen to see a invitation card lying at my office table which had an graphic image of the heart. So I wanted to try it out. Believe it or not I started this work around Feb 2014 but finally I worked on it this year and completed it yesterday :) Phewww its difficult to conceptualize and complete a work.

              On to the details: This Heart Maze was first outlined used thick red quilling strips. Later on filled it using Combing technique. This was my first try on this technique. I initially stammered but later on picked up :) The base used was water color paper. Once the Heart Maze was completely done I used "Wild Honey" distress inks on the outer portion of the Maze and then decorated with flowers and leaves. Finally topped it off with my most favourite punch flowers. The leaves were done using quilling needle and this is my first try on trying it. 

                I happened to see a challenge started in Indian Quilling Challenge blog. So had entered with this work there. Hoping for the best :)

                Today 26th Feb 2015 I received the frame. Original size of this work is 32*30 cm. After framing it looked huge(I dint measure though) and this frame goes to my brother's home as a housewarming gift

                Hope you all like this work of mine. Do share your comments and suggestions for improving my work :)