Sunday, March 1, 2015


              I had always been amazed at Quilled ornaments available in FB pages I follow especially Art'zire & Daydreams. Even though I wanted to try it at some point of time I dint. It was because I dint have patience in making these ornaments. Thank goodness I have patience in making Quilled frames and Cards rather :)


              I used 3D outliner for decorating the jhumkha (an idea from Pritesh) and topped it with Gloss Varnish available in Anandha Stationery. This was just a basic try using swirls and I made 5 pairs. This would be a return gift these to my office colleagues since they were the one who asked me to try these. Hope they like it :)

                Sorry for the repeated jhumkha photos in different angles ;) I am a photo freak when it comes to jewellery and since I made these couldn't help it :P

                Hope you like my works. Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Lovely jhumkas dear! I think i am visiting you after a long time and you have done quite a lot in between .Each work is beautiful . Keep up the good work.cheers