Sunday, December 15, 2013


           My Niece Rachel turned 7 this month. So thought I could make a doll for her... When I tried to gather inspirations for my work I came across Mannayah's Ballerina doll. So thought to give it a shot since my niece loves Ballet and she is getting trained for this dance form. And ya she immediately recognized it as a Ballet doll when she saw it... So really happie about that:)

            I planned of placing the doll inside a bowl.. So stuck the doll on tea coaster and placed a glass bowl over it. Find the pictures below :)

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            This work of mine is inspired by Robinmoses as always. I know I have loaded my nails heavily with designs... But what else to do I cant wait for the next week to try the snowman or fir tree design since I change my nail art once a week .... I love the snowman in my thumb than the one in my ring finger. What do you think???!!!!

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              Hi All, I'm blogging after a very long time... Not that I couldn't manage to do works I actually felt lazy to post it here :P Sorry about that.... :)

              And this is my first post for Christmas this year... I made this card for my office contest but my entry was rejected there though :( Anyways I am really happy that this card came out well... Also I made pine cones inspired by a tutorial in Quilling tutorial group in FB and a snowman for the contest :)

          And ya I see lots and lots of quilling works for Christmas in FB, pinterest and blogs but I couldn't manage to do lot of quilling works which I wished to. My work keeps me away from those.. Pity me :( At the same time seeing all the artists' works keeps up the spirit of Christmas... I'm loving it :)

           Hope you like my works... I appreciate your comments and suggestions :)