Friday, March 29, 2013


        The story behind making this card is, In my office colleague's church two brothers who have come to serve the church is leaving this particular church which they are serving and moving to another church.. As a token of Thank you and appreciation of their work they had done there she along with her Youth mates wants to give them a card... She was not able to get a card or make one in Photoshop... While she discussed this with me I said I would do it.. and thus this card :) Yet to make one... Once done Il post the other one :)

        I was scared for doing this card for only one reason .. for those "praying hands" but thank God it came out quiet well ... The outer border was made using handmade papers.. That color is my personal fav in the whole bunch of handmade papers :) And I found this image in google and traced it on the card and upon the impression I did quilling... And as always I love the outcome..... :)

     I believe you too will like it ... Thanks for visiting by.. Do drop in ur comments about my work it would be helpful for me to improve :)


  1. Perfect Rose. I really love this. Both the hands and the cross has turned out well.

    1. Thnx Suganthi.. your comment means a lot lot to meee :)
      Hugs :)

  2. very beautiful,Rose,I felt like looking at the card again and again,the praying hands do touch a chord....and that is the real beauty of Art.

  3. it is very perfect rose, your prayers will definetly answered by God, as the card symbolizes that.

  4. You Did those tapering fingers perfectly Rose and it looks astounding. Your graphic quilling is really excellent.