Saturday, March 23, 2013


             The concept behind this demonstration is that the property which is on the right is Mark's property.. He wants to get Insurance to his huge property.. When he approaches company A they are fine with providing Insurance. But then since its a huge property they find it to be risk in providing insurance so they approaches another Company B to provide insurance along with them .. This business is Reinsurance.. If the company B finds risk again and if it approaches Company C then that business process is called Retrocession.

        There was a big clutter happening to create this since we couldn't come up with any idea.. And finally before the last date of creating this my Team mate Venky came up with this concept and provided me materials.. And then I started to design along with my other team mate Nitesh helping me to drape the walls with Red papers... This was not a huge demonstration though just a basic concept :) but was really was happie when everything was done since I dint have much interest to create this initially.

       Also I had used my previously done Quilled pots to decorate Mark's property :P

       Hope you like it :) Thanks for stopping by  :)


  1. Hey this is cute, where did u get the cute furniture etc, am interested as may need for my son's school projects!!

    1. Thnx :) Am not sure Suman my office mates provided the materials for me I just designed it... let you know once i get info from them

    2. Hey Suman these dolls can be purchased in Broadway, Thambichetty street. If you're in Chennai you can find this place easily