Saturday, July 18, 2020

Dot painted bookmarks - 2

Hello everyone,

This week I made these 2 bookmarks for my youtube tutorial.
Like my previous post I made design using same technique and the technique was inspired by wooven beaded jewellery.

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Hope you liked my work. Have a great day

Friday, July 17, 2020

Landscape dot painting

Hello everyone,

Hope you are doing good. Last week I had created this art work for my youtube channel "Landscape dot painting" or "Landscape dottilism".  Click below to watch the tutorial

This work took 10-12 hours to complete.
There are quite a few mistakes in this painting such as rays reflecting in water should have been small. I could actually point out couple of mistakes myself:) Since it was my first attempt I was quite happy with it.

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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Dot painted Bookmarks | DIY Bookmarks

Hi Everyone :)

Today I'm here with another Dot painting tutorial. Bookmarks are always loved by book lovers. I used to search for cute bookmarks back then but it was pretty difficult to get or sometimes quite pricey. 
This is the better alternative for it and not costly too. Always handmade items gives us a sense of joy. Hope you like my work. 

Inspiration: I was thinking whether to try traditional dot mandala but then my bathroom tiles gave me inspiration :P
Check below for pictures and video tutorial on the same. 

Click here for video tutorial

Please let me know which bookmark design you liked :)
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Saturday, June 27, 2020

FIRE & ICE Inspired Dot Mandala Painting

Hi All,

I had published another video on Dot painting on my channel. So when I was thinking what design I had to put up for my next video I was going through my paint stash and found a fierce Orange color. This color was used by a famous Dot mandala artist for her work and so was inspired to try.

The design evolved when I started to paint it. I dint follow my sketch to 100% percent since I always change the design. Since the color was over "flashy" the idea of Fire and Ice popped in my mind. 

Finally this grand "over the top" mandala was born. This is my first ever art work I own so proud of it.
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With Love
Maria Rose 

Saturday, June 13, 2020

My first video on YOUTUBE

Hi All,

I published a video yesterday which demonstrates on how I decorate a small rock with dots. This is just a beginner tutorial which wouldn't contain huge tricks!! I'm planning to take it in a slow pace now since I don't want to rush on it.

Generally people say "Dont say your wish out loud on your b'day candle blow out" but I always said my dream out loud. Now my dream is What if my channel is hit... What if I earn through youtube!! What if I don't require my IT job to survive(took a break now)... I have lot of what if's, but I just want to try my ass off now!!It's now or never. Hope this wish comes true!!!!

Now enough of the childish rambling. Do get on to the video and watch it till the end and provide me feedback in the comments. Your feedback matters a lot :)

Sit back and enjoy.

                               Easy dot art mandala rock painting


Its Announcement time!!!!!

Hello everyone How are you all!

I had been lost for a while now here probably 3 years I guess!!
It was because I got married and I have a beautiful baby boy now. Quilling and other stuffs which I had been doing takes lot of time but I still had to get going with my art and crafts. So I ventured on Dot painting. I was always in awe on Elspeth Mclean works and it was right time too !!! 
So I started it. Meanwhile I did few crochet works too. My facebook page Leisure Space has up to date details on my works.

The main part of the announcement is I have started YOUTUBE CHANNEL named
                                         "LEISURE SPACE"

Yaayyyyyyyyyyyy (Drumroll :P) I have just started to upload one video per week. Please do have a look and subscribe if you like my content.

Few works I had did during my absence here 

Thanks for Stopping by!! Stay connected and happy crafting :)

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Quilled Wedding Card Keepsafe

            I had been planning for a personalised gift to be given to my bestie on her marriage. I tried out various options of incorporating her & her fiancée photos but it dint work out. So just decorated using quilling around it.

            For this work I tried out Quilling by Ada's version of Gerbera flowers. It takes a lot of time to create it but the final output is worth it. The borders are stencils which was available in Anandha Stationary stores, Adyar.

Quilling Ada tutorial on Gerbera flowers

            The Peacock feathers Distress ink has been used for the stencils design. I dint measure the size of the frame but you could see it in the below pic. 

Few zoom in pictures below :)

            Hope you people like my work. Thanks for dropping by :)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Quilled Heart Card

               I received an order for a card with Heart design in the centre. So I came up with this arrangement.Hope you like this work of mine :)

Engagement Ring Platter with Quilling

          My best friend had her engagement ceremony yesterday so I thought I could make a ring platter for her and this was the end result. The materials required for making this platter are
Toilet roll cardboard tubes
Cake cardboard base
Silver/gold paper
Wooden Tea coasters
Rhinestones Stickers
Glue Gun

Cover the tea coasters with the silver paper

Cover the toilet roll tube too with silver paper
Quick tip: apply glue on the sheet and then roll the tube. This would be easy rather applying glue onto the tube

Place the tube and coaster onto the cardboard by using glue gun

The tutorial on lilac flowers can be found here

                Do drop your comments below. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, March 1, 2015


              I had always been amazed at Quilled ornaments available in FB pages I follow especially Art'zire & Daydreams. Even though I wanted to try it at some point of time I dint. It was because I dint have patience in making these ornaments. Thank goodness I have patience in making Quilled frames and Cards rather :)


              I used 3D outliner for decorating the jhumkha (an idea from Pritesh) and topped it with Gloss Varnish available in Anandha Stationery. This was just a basic try using swirls and I made 5 pairs. This would be a return gift these to my office colleagues since they were the one who asked me to try these. Hope they like it :)

                Sorry for the repeated jhumkha photos in different angles ;) I am a photo freak when it comes to jewellery and since I made these couldn't help it :P

                Hope you like my works. Thanks for stopping by :)